“I have been going to Asheville Massage and Natural Therapeutics for at least two years now. It all started with a Groupon bought for me by my kids after I was diagnosed with cancer…Evan was the first person I treated with here and he is unbelievable…I didn’t realize how “locked up” I was despite doing yoga and maintaining an active lifestyle…He has worked on me throughout chemo and radiation and was the best thing that happened to me….He introduced me then to Sean and I had many treatments with Sean. Again, another very talented therapist. It’s mind, body and soul being aligned, I don’t know how else to explain it…It’s more than a massage…Then I was introduced to Tara, who I am currently treating with…I can’t say enough about all three of these very talented individuals…I can’t say who is better than the other, all I could recommend is try all three and have THE BEST mind/body experience ever. I recommended my boyfriend see them for his back which would go out at least two times a year….He is currently going for over a year and his back has not gone out since…SO THERE IT IS….Look forward to my next session….Love you Evan, Sean and Tara, thank you so much for making us feel soooo good.”

– Lisa Grafia

 “I have been seeing Evan for 1.5 years now and feel like his work has been very helpful for my scoliosis. His technique is very intuitive and my posture has improved since since our 1st sessions. I would highly recommend his practice.”

– Phil Blake

“I began seeing Evan about a year and a half ago. My plan was to go once for a relaxing massage but after my first session, I realized how therapeutic and essential this was for the chronic back and neck pain I had been suffering from for years prior. I was amazed at how knowledgeable Evan was about the muscles and how they all intertwine and connect. After just 1 or 2 sessions, i noticed a dramatic decrease in the pain i had been having. Now i am virtually pain free but if i do pull a muscle or something flares up, i recover extremely quickly. Not like the weeks or months it would have taken before. I would highly recommend Evan or Sean as they are both extremely knowledgeable and amazing at what they do.”

– Jenna M.

“I thank my lucky stars to have found Asheville Massage. They are making significant improvement in areas where I thought I would be living with pain forever. Their work is in-depth, professional and extremely skillful. I carry their cards in my wallet and give them to people I like.”

– Mary Stewart

“I see Evan for scoliosis. With our regular work together Evan & I discovered the muscular patterns the scoliosis has caused. By unwinding these patterns I have a more balanced posture, greater range of motion, and much less discomfort overall for a condition that has become significantly more pronounced as I’ve gotten older. Not only has the scoliosis not progressed since my work with Evan, it has actually improved without surgery!”

– Mary Beth Gwynn

“I found Evan after a severe knee injury and a scary talk with an orthopedic surgeon. The monthly sessions I have at Asheville Massage and Natural Therapeutics have done more to reduce my pain & increase my mobility than I or my surgeon thought was possible. And Evan’s specialized knowledge has led to identifying & treating other aches & pains before they become life altering issues.”

– Adriel Brophy

“I found Asheville Massage & Natural Therapeutics on Groupon, this is not your ordinary massage! They have worked on musculature and body structure, and I have achieved substantial progress. I feel better in my everyday life, not just during the massage. I’m looking forward to my next appointment and am pleased to have found knowledgeable massage therapists. I have purchased several packages and the treatments are worth every penny! I will continue to return and have encouraged many of my friends to try them out!”

– Kimberly Arrowood

“Evan Turnau, owner of Asheville Massage & Natural Therapeutics, is fantastic – assesses concerns and applies a personalized approach drawing on a multitude of techniques he has developed through his career – an intuitive practitioner, very effective, and so friendly and warm, a wonderful person. I highly recommend Evan.”

 – Sara Naff-Mlo

“Evan Turnau is a superb therapist – an experienced professional with his heart truly in the right place, dedicated to healing – his blend of massage and energy work has been particularly beneficial to me. The intuitive way in which he works, and the fact that every session is different according to my needs, make these massages the best I have ever had; problems I thought to be long standing have already been corrected. I have been having sessions weekly with Evan at Asheville Massage & Natural Therapeutics and can attest to the fact that benefits only increase over time. I highly recommend Evan and his work.”

– Liz Swinhoe

“I am a holistic fitness trainer… when I need someone to work on my body I need the best. Evan’s techniques for alignment of the human body are that of a cross between an acupuncturist and a chiropractor. I am grateful for finding him and his service.”

 – Terry Kirkland

“Evan is by far and away the best Massage Therapist who has ever treated me. His strengths are his technique and his empathy. His strong listening skills compliment his amazing training. Evan is the best!”

 – Grant Stern

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